Welcome to our office. We will help you choose the most appropriate fiscal device for your business. We have a team of specialists who have many years of experience in the field of fiscal systems and everything related to them.

Our Suggestions:

More than 15 years of experience with cash registers

KASOVI APARATI Plovdiv Ltd. offers the following services: 


  • Fiscal Device Maintenance Contract;
  • Training in working with a fiscal device;
  • Commissioning of fiscal device;
  • Programming items and parameters in a fiscal device;
  • Warranty and non-warranty maintenance;
  • Change company data in a fiscal device – address, name, or type of business entity;
  • If possible modification of cash register for remote connection with the National Revenue Agency;
  • Suspension of registration of fiscal device;
  • Changing the owner of FU dismantling fiscal memory;
  • Fiscal device scrapping;
  • Assistance in losing or damaging a FU registration certificate;
  • Issuance of a duplicate passport on a fiscal device;
  • Visit in the event of a breakdown or overflow of fiscal memory;
  • Fiscal device repair.